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Q: I want to redecorate my home, but my husband has no opinion on anything--from paint colours to lamps and furniture. How do I get him involved?

Angela says...
Paint a wall pink and see if he has an opinion. But seriously, if he's not interested, he's not interested. Some husbands genuinely don't care, or trust their wives enough that she'll know not to choose pink. Heck, some girls don't care if the wall is stone, stonewall or weathered stone (myself included). I'm also indifferent when my husband goes on and on about how many pixels our TV should have. I figure since I don't really care, he can make that decision on his own.

Derek says...
Let's be honest, how involved do you really want your husband in this process? Decorating together invariably ends with one person in tears, sometimes both. You can drag him with you on your shopping trips to Bouclair, but he'll only be marginally engaged at best. When it comes to choosing paint colours and fabric, present him with two or three options, highlight your favourite and he'll nod approval. If you want him to express a bit of enthusiasm, make sure to include pit stops at Best Buy and the Apple Store during your Saturday afternoon excursions. Everybody wins.

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