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Q: Friends of ours continuously post lovey-dovey comments to one another on their public Facebook wall. It's making everyone else nauseous. How do we tell them to turn off their Facebook faux pas?

Angela says...
Do they also "talk" to each other on Facebook when they're in the same house? Ewwww...that's just plain tacky in my book. Since they're obviously not down with social media etiquette, I advise a direct approach: Take one half of the couple aside and gently explain that their wall postings fall under the TMI category or are just plain annoying/icky to friends. Suggest they try the less public form of communicating, such as texting or email. Question: Does this couple also speak in baby voices to each other? If so, I'm afraid you might not get very far. Another option is to just un-friend them. I know it sounds harsh, but Facebook is your space, and if you don't want to read a lovesick post, you don't have to.

Derek says...
Just un–friend them. Clearly they have little of value to add to your friend feed. If it comes up in conversation, be blunt: Tell them you wanted to heave every time their status updates popped up on your iPhone.

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