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Q: My husband and I are newlyweds who are both just starting our careers. But we're being pressured by our parents to have kids. How do we (politely) tell them that's not in the cards right now?

Angela says…
This is one of the worst offences a parent can make in my book. Having children is a personal choice. The decision is between you and your partner. In my pre-baby years, I fantasized about telling the parental units that we couldn't have kids due to medical reasons, hoping the guilt would keep them quiet. I never carried it out of course, but the thought did cross my mind during holiday meals when the not-so-subtle hints were being passed around along with the mashed turnips. If the badgering really bothers you, set boundaries. The only way to make them stop is to build up your nerve and speak up. Tell them you realize they want to be grandparents, but you need them to respect your space. Remind them that they'll be the first to know when and if you and your husband are expecting.

Derek says…
You should resign yourself to the fact that the occasional annoying comment from a family member is unavoidable. Best if you come to terms with the fact that they will never stop asking until you squeeze out that first grandkid. Even then, it won't end until you have at least two. And who can blame them? They aren't getting any younger; chances are their own careers and responsibilities are winding down, and they're looking for a new distraction. The best revenge would be to have four or more children so the giddy grandparents exhaust their savings, spoiling them with clothes and toys. Plan to dump the brood off every weekend to terrorize said grandparents, so you and hubby can have alone time. Then they'll really regret hounding you.

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