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Q: It seems our couple friends are always dropping by our condo unannounced after work and we inevitably end up feeding them. Ordering take-out is beginning to take its toll--on the wallet and the waistline. Help!

Angela says…
This is the price you pay for being so darn great. Ask your friends to split the cost of takeout, if you haven't already. Or have them take turns in your kitchen. It might turn into a fun, regular event. You could always start texting your friends around the time they're set to arrive with a shopping list of ingredients they should pick up on the way over. They'll either get the hint, or dive right in and create some gourmet meals for you.

Derek says…
Great food brings good friends together. My father-in-law is a great cook who loves to throw parties. His go-to meal for an impromptu gathering is pasta. It might seem like an obvious choice, but it's fast and cheap, and you can keep a handful of ingredients on hand at all times for a variety of savory options.

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