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Q: Are pets a good warm-up to kids?

Angela says…
If you're thinking about a fish, then absolutely not. But if you're talking about a six-week-old Burmese mountain puppy that requires almost 24-7 care as it adjusts to your city apartment, you're on the right track. Keep in mind you won't be making nearly as many decisions with pets as crop up with children: Cloth or disposable diapers? Organic soap? Formula versus breast milk? Who will babysit? When do we start an RESP?

Derek says…
Some people have a difficult time even remembering to feed their fish. And while some owners like to pamper their pets with "holistic" food made from duck, oatmeal and six types of vegetables, it's just not the same as raising a child. Can you answer these questions: Who is going to walk the dog before and after work every day/night (rain or shine)? Who will clean up after the first nasty accident on the couch? Who will take the dog to the vet regularly and make decisions about treatment? If you can't answer those questions, perhaps you should avoid having a pet... or a child!

Smug Marrieds, Derek Chezzi & Angela PacienzaHappily married university sweethearts Angela and Derek live in a leafy neighborhood with their two super-cute kids and cranky but lovable cat, Fred. They are the envy of all their friends.

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