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Augustus Caesar & Olivia Purrscilla Names: Augustus Caesar, 1 1/2, and Olivia Purrscilla, 1
Breeds: Orange tabby (Augustus) and grey calico (Olivia)
Proud parents: Sunday, 32, and Ely, 37
"Our biggest challenge as pet owners is figuring out who will kitty-sit when we go on vacation!!"

Photograph of cats.

On how they met...their pets!
Augustus was the cutest and most active kitty—he was actually crawling up the cage door at the Toronto Humane Society when we first spotted him, and we just had to adopt him! Olivia was the prettiest (and loudest!) calico beauty at the vet’s office, and we just couldn’t resist bringing her home!

On why they wanted cats:
Because cats rock!!!

On picking a name:
Augustus (our first cat) was appropriately named after the first Roman Emperor. And Olivia’s head looked like an olive, and her purrs were just so distinct for such a little girl!

On their pets' personalities:
Augustus lives up to his name—he’s very regal and very demanding of treats when the opportunity arises. (But he also has a softer side and has taken to cuddling mommy’s pregnant tummy!!) Olivia is very outspoken and divides her time equally between getting belly rubs, hogging food from Augustus and engaging in bite-lick wars with him.

On how their pets have brought them closer together:
We have learned a lot about our parenting styles (both similarities and differences!).

On the challenges of being pet owners:
Figuring out who will kitty-sit when we go on vacation!!

On their funniest memories:
The time Augustus fell in the bathtub when he was 3 months old—he looked like an orange, skinny drowned rat! And we love watching Olivia as she tries to ambush Augustus though she's only half his size. Oh, the confidence she exudes!