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Choncho Name: Choncho, 2
Breed: Himalayan-Persian cross
Proud parents: Cynthia, 34, and Jason, 33
"Choncho means pudgy or fluffy in Spanish, which perfectly describes our little guy!"

Photograph of cat.On how they met...their pet!
It was like I (Cynthia) had a picture of him in my head, and we already had his name in mind—we just had to find him. We found his picture in an online ad from a breeder in a suburb of Vancouver and we just knew it was him!

On Choncho's funniest trait:
The way he sits like a human, on his butt. He kind of looks like Jabba the Hut. He’ll sit and watch whatever is on TV—usually hockey. He likes to play goalie: If we try to shoot a toy past him, he’ll pounce and block it.

On why they wanted this cat:
I had previously owned a Persian and loved the cuddliness and unique personality of this breed. And having some “Himy” in him is a nice balance as he has different markings and really soft fur that’s easy to groom.

On how their pet has brought them closer together:
We get to see the tender parts of each other when we’re dealing with Choncho. We also get to see how the other can step up to the plate and be nurturing to our pet.