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Pugsley Name: Pugsley, 4
Breed: Pug-chihuahua cross
Proud parents: Matt, 37, and Lisa, 37
"Pugsley is mostly calm and composed when the Pug part dominates, but he becomes 22-pounds of wannabe psychopathic killer when his chihuahua blood starts boiling!!"

Photograph of dog with couple's son.

On how they met...their pet!
We inherited him from a family member at age 1.

On why they picked Pugsley:
We didn’t choose him; fate dropped him in our lap.

On their pet's personality:
Pugsley is mostly calm and composed when the pug part dominates, but he becomes 22-pounds of wannabe psychopathic killer when his chihuahua blood starts boiling (i.e. like when the postal worker noisily mounts our home’s wooden front steps and drops the mail in our squeaky metal mailbox).

On how their pet has brought them closer together:
Actually, since he sleeps in our bed, it could be said that he’s keeping us apart. His fondness for voyeurism makes up for that (thank God).

On the challenges of being pet owners:
Giving the dog his daily walks and playtime, despite being busy professionals who also have a 2-year-old son.

On their fondest memory of Pugsley:
One winter night, Pugsley kept trying to bite the ice scraper Matt was using to clean the car windshield from the car’s interior. He kept lunging at the scraper as it went up-and-down and across the glass, repeatedly bonking his head on the sloping glass.

On another fond memory:
A few days after our son, Leo, was born, when Matt and I (Lisa) were living on zero sleep, Matt woke up in the middle of the night and exclaimed: “What's the baby doing in the bed?” I quickly checked the bassinette beside me where Leo was still sleeping soundly. Then I looked toward the bed, and there was Pugsley, with his head on the pillow. The dog was sleeping and he looked so angelic that, in his sleep-deprived haze, Matt thought he was our baby!!