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Top 10 Worst Celeb TattoosIt's a case of what were they thinking?! Whether they had it done while drunk with alcohol or love, or for reasons we just can't explain, these celebrities have some of the worst tattoos we've ever seen. So much so, we're beginning to wonder if they truly understand the meaning of the word "permanent!"

1. Does anyone have an Italian spell-check?
Hayden Panettiere had the words, Vivere senza rimipianti ("Live without regrets") tattooed on the left side of her back. Trouble is the correct spelling of the last word is rimpianti. But Panettiere told the press she doesn't regret the misspelling.

2. Life imitating art? Not so much.
Sometimes what makes a tattoo bad is the celebrity it's attached to. That's definitely true of Lindsay Lohan who got a tattoo on her lower back that reads, La bella vita, which means, "the beautiful life." Hmm, so life's beautiful when you drink excessively, party all night long and get arrested for cocaine possession thus torching down your entire career before it really takes off? Sure!

Orlando Magic guard, Jason Williams, shows off his spelling skills.3. Mr. Spell.
Orlando Magic guard, Jason Williams tattooed W–H–I–T–E–B–O–Y on his knuckles. Clever, right? But unless he always plans on walking with his fists together, one hand will forever read WHIT and the other EBOY.

4. "X" Marks the Spot.
Glamour model Katie Price has a crown with the word "Princess" underneath it for her daughter, which is fine if she stopped there--but Price added the name "Pete" above it for her then husband, Peter Andre. Rather than having the name removed when they divorced she instead had it crossed out with a tattoo of an "X" on top of it. Yeah, that'll show him!

5. Tainted Love.
Going along with the branding theme, Angelina Jolie had the name "Billy Bob" (after Billy Bob Thornton) tattooed on the side of her arm. Thankfully she had the good sense to have it removed after they split.

6. O, you're so vain!
Steve-O, star of television's Jackass, has his own self-portrait tattooed down his entire back with the words, "Yeah dude, I rock!" Not cool.

7. The Virgin Janet?
Jermaine Dupri has the Madonna tattooed on his side--but with Janet Jackson's face for Mary's. Apparently for Dupri, a wardrobe malfunction isn't sufficient grounds for the loss of a pious status.

8. Where the wild things are.
The paw prints adorning Grammy-award winning artist Eve's cleavage are said to represent those of a bit pull, the symbol for the Ruff Ryders label, which the songstress first signed with (the only woman to do so), lending her the title the First Lady.

9. A human doodle pad.
Brad Pitt has a design of random lines tattooed on his back after Angelina Jolie apparently doodled the design on him out of boredom. Hey Brad! We've got a doodle of dots we did by dropping a pen on a piece of paper, perhaps you'd like that too?

10. If he wasn't scary enough before...
Mike Tyson's eerie tribal tattoo on the side of his face. No explanation necessary.