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Q: I love the look of casual, beachy waves in summer. Any suggestions for how to get them right?
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Beauty Tips From Oprah's Makeup Artist   

Blush, eye liner, mascara, lipstick… There are so many makeup items to use, and so many ways to use them to accentuate your natural beauty.

One important thing to remember about makeup is that it's not there to change how your face looks, but more so to add beauty to your best features.

Makeup artist Derrick Rutledge beautifies clients like Oprah and Michelle Obama and tries his best to bring out their natural features and make them pop.

"When I do Michelle’s makeup, it’s all about the frosty and luscious lips. Michelle also has high cheekbones so I like to highlight them – always subtle and not too overpowering," says Rutledge.

"Oprah has nice eyes so I like the smokey look on her. It makes them appear larger and more piercing," says Rutledge.

And with summer around the corner, the trends are changing from neutral to bright. The color for spring and summer is coral and peach tones, explains Rutledge.

But some of us who aren't so big on makeup and only have a few items on hand, well luckily that is all you need sometimes!

The top three makeup items to make a woman feel gorgeous? "I would always use concealer," says Rutledge. It's a power tool to diminish those bags under your eyes.

"Glossy lips are really trendy now. A good tip is to always apply some lip liner with a similar color to prevent the gloss from bleeding," says Rutledge.

And the last thing to use is a blush with a nice hue. "When you apply blush you should feel underneath the cheekbone and sweep upwards. Blush is meant to add a hint of color and not stand out," says Rutledge.

Some expert advice when shopping for makeup is quality over quantity, Rutledge explains how it's not about the price tag on the product, but the actual ingredients that are used.

"When shopping for makeup, take a look and see what’s in it. Really get to know the brand and product you’re purchasing – it can make a big difference," says Rutledge.

With such a passion for beauty, Rutledge created his own line of hair and beauty products called OOH Lifestyle -- the world's first complete line of Naturalceuticals™.

"It’s essentially about combining organic elements for the well-being and health of the human body," explains Rutledge of his collection. "This makeup is good for your skin. It doesn’t use a lot of the harsh chemicals that are found in makeup nowadays."     

Rutledge's line launches late spring and it will be available in select professional salons across Canada.

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-17, 11:45:41

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