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Swap Your Bikini For A One-Piece Suit This Summer    

Summer is slowly but surely approaching, and after a long, cozy winter the big question is: Are you bikini ready yet?

Well a new survey confirms that 53 percent of women are over the bikini phase and are all about feeling comfortable, claiming that one-piece swimwear suits their body more.

The study, conducted by www.CouponCodes4u.com polled 2,321 women from across the US, to discover consumer purchasing trends when it comes to summer fashions.

When asked what style of swimsuit they intended to wear this summer season, the majority, 53 percent, said they would be sporting a one-piece swimsuit, while 29 percent said they would be wearing a tankini. Only 18 percent of women said they would be wearing a bikini this summer.

Also according to the research, of the women who were sporting one-piece swimwear, 57 percent explained that they choice this option because of their body shape, while 32 percent said they enjoyed wearing this type of swimwear as it was more comfortable than other options.

However, when respondents were asked whether or not they felt they had the perfect beach body, 15 percent said they did, while the overwhelming majority, 82 percent, said they did not.

Furthermore, 63 percent of those polled admitted that they only purchased certain types of swimwear if it would enhance their body shape, while a further 34 percent admitted that they are planning to diet before the start of swimsuit season.

When asked to estimate how much they usually spend on their swimwear per year, the average amount stated by consumers was $54.79. In addition, each respondent bought an average of 2.5 new swimwear pieces every year.

"What is important to mention is when picking the right option for your swimsuit, make sure you choose one that can last more than one season as otherwise you will be wasting your money," says Mark Pearson, Chairman of CouponCodes4u.com.

"Choosing the right swimsuit is a bit like choosing the right suit – it can be expensive but get it right and it will last for many seasons to come, and you will look and feel your best while on vacation or at the beach," says Pearson.

Well I'm glad I'm not alone this year! It's time to be comfortable while looking and feeling your best, even if that involves some insane tan lines. 

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-23, 11:27:15

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