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Q: I ramp up my pedicure appointments in warmer weather, but they're starting to bust my budget. What are some tricks on doing a fab at-home pedi?
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LOOK: Luxury Leisure Wear For Clone Couples

It's a little-known fact that couples that laze together, stay together.

OK, that might not be scientifically proven, but clone couples with a lust for leisure can add some luxury to their downtime wardrobe thanks to Lazypants -- a Canadian label that specializes in high-end sweatpants. 

"What is your lazy?" That's the question that creative director Adam Bledin and the team behind Lazypants inspire you to consider. Whether it's reading your favorite novel, or spending quality time with your sweetie, you're wise to enjoy doing your lazy in, well, Lazypants. 

Available in a wide range of fashion-forward colors and washes, Lazypants are made with premium fabric and designed for effortless comfort. 

While the must-have pants are available in select boutiques, in the true spirit of laziness, the company offers online shopping so that you can acquire upscale comfort without interrupting your precious off time.

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-06-24, 09:56:03

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