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Q: With the changing of the seasons, are there any skin care products I should incorporate into my daily routine?
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Couple Makeover: CancunWhat better way for blissed-out couple Cody and Maria to celebrate their first year of marital bliss than with a brand new looks and a romantic getaway to the stunning Club Med Cancún Yucatán. Talk about a happy anniversary!

AGE: Maria, 31; Cody, 30

9 TO 5: Research officer, international development; chief technical officer, e-commerce

SALON: World Salon, Toronto

DESTINATION: Club Med Cancún Yucatán, Cancún, Mexico

CLINIQUE RX: Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild Formula, Clarifying Lotion 1 and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for her Type 1 skin; Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Liquid Face Wash Regular Strength, Scruffing Lotion 2 1/2 and M Lotion for his Type 2 skin. clinique.ca

FAVE DUDS: "I absolutely adore the full-length Tommy Hilfiger skirt! It's sexy and bohemian—and perfect for salsa dancing!" —Maria

SECRET BEHIND THEIR WINNING SMILES: Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus. “We can’t believe how quickly and easily Crest Whitestrips whitened and brightened our smiles!” whitestrips.com

2 SCENTS: Escada Sunset Heat for him and her escada-fragrances.com

FONDEST MEMORY: “There was a moment, right after one of the photo shoots, where we all—tired and sweaty—suddenly decided to jump in the ocean. I felt such a sense of camaraderie with the crew and with my husband, and it clicked that we had made some really great friends!”

BEST PART ABOUT THE RESORT: “Our favourite part was the seemingly endless variety of activities: Sailing, wakeboarding, beach soccer, volleyball, bocce—you can’t get bored at a resort like that!”

ON THEIR FRIENDS' AND FAMILY'S REACTIONS: My relatives in Venezuela keep telling their friends that we are Canadian celebrities. My mom has a cutout of our Crest Whitestrips shot framed in her living room!"

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