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Q: I love the look of casual, beachy waves in summer. Any suggestions for how to get them right?
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Couple Makeover: Toronto After eight great years together, Robin and Dan are finally tying the knot. 2's here to help them celebrate with fab new looks and a weekend spent living the high life at the über-chic Cosmopolitan Toronto Hotel.

AGE: Robin, 32; Dan, 31

9 TO 5: Interior design intern; GIS specialist at a post-secondary institution

SALON: World Salon, Toronto

MAKEOVER DIGS: Cosmopolitan Toronto Hotel, Toronto

FAVE DUDS: "The green silk Vero Moda dress is so cute! It's nice to have something in my closet that is a total departure from basic black!" —Robin

ON THEIR FRIENDS' AND FAMILIES' REACTIONS: "Everyone loves the red hair! The colour was totally unexpected. Robin's sister Laura actually called her office right away; apparently there were bets going on what her hair colour might be! (Laura lost.)"

SECRET BEHIND THEIR WINNING SMILES: New Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal. “New Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal will definitely help us—and our wedding party—whiten and brighten our smiles for the big day!” whitestrips.ca

2 SCENTS: Vera Wang Signature and Vera Wang for Men fragrances. verawangonweddings.com

FONDEST MEMORY: “Being on vacation in our own city—first class!”

BEST PART ABOUT THE HOTEL: “The Designer Penthouse's rooftop deck with its view of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower. The suite was designed with such an incredible attention to detail that it felt more like someone's home (oh alright, ours!) as opposed to a hotel. Oh yeah, the ensuite washroom wasn't to shabby either!”

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