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Ask 2 Experts
1. The Will and Kate Royal Tour
2. 48 Hours In Five All-American Towns
3. Hi-Lo Holidays
4. Couple Makeover: Toronto
5. Couple Makeover: Cabo San Lucas
6. 15 Excellent Couple Adventures
7. How to Travel with Another Couple
8. Top 5 Sexy Stays
9. Couple Makeover Jamaica
10. Sin Cities
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exp_michelesponagle.png Michele Sponagle, globetrotter

Travel expert Michele Sponagle helps you plan your next escape.

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How can we get a deal on a cruise?
Who comes up with the star rankings for hotels and resorts?
We’d like to go to Europe, but can’t afford London-type prices. Are there any cheap countries there to visit?
How can we score a good deal on a rental car?
Some airlines let you pre-book seats. What’s the best seat in the house?
When we travel, we like to book inexpensive accommodations that don’t mean roughing it. Any tips?
What’s this I hear about babymoons?
I have to spend two weeks alone in Europe for business. Any solo travel safety advice you can share?
I’ve had vacations almost ruined by overaggressive vendors. What’s the best way to handle them?
We’d like to stay at a nice hotel for our anniversary. How do we get the best room rate?
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