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4 Essentials For Your Destination Wedding  

Having a destination wedding is a fun way to get married in any breathtaking place your heart desires.

It has beautiful white sandy beaches, comes with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or maybe even gets you surrounded in white snowy bliss.

Relaxing on the beach is a beautiful moment and you might just want to take a picture to remember it, the flaw there is where do you keep your camera? Most bags, even when closed, get sand in them. It's a mystery but it happens to the best of us.

Wherever it is you end up choosing, you have to be prepared!

1. Treat yourself to a sand-free technology bag. It will keep your camera and even your clothes safe.

Something to keep in mind for beach destination weddings, there is heat! Full force, sun burning, heat. On your big day you want your skin to be as beautiful as ever, but you also need it to be protected from those UV rays.

2. Keep in mind a foundation that includes SPF 15-30, and having a matte finish included is a bonus.

Aside from having flawless skin, the next concern would be your gorgeous locks of hair. Having a good hair day in the heat of your destination wedding is a hard thing to do, unless you have the right products of course.

3. Keep your eyes open for hair products that are proven to fight humidity so it can help your hair sleek and shiny, rather than a puffy frizzy mess!

If your destination wedding is in a cooler place, you can still get cozy!

4. Try on some cute sweaters for the bride and bridal party. Matching Boots are also a cute accessory to wear while getting ready for your big day; no one likes cold feet on the wedding day!     

Posted by Natalie Lavoy-Furtado
2013-04-05, 10:45:16

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