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British Woman Marries For 9th Time (That's More Than Liz Taylor)

Talk about believing in the institution of marriage--serial bride Pat Higgins just got hitched for the ninth time, which is more than Elizabeth Taylor's eight marriages, the Daily Mail reports. Higgins, 56, married 24-year-old Mark Sanderson, who she met at--where else?--a rock club.

Her longest marriage lasted five years, the shortest only five days. In regards to why the heck she keeps tying the knot, Higgins says: "I'm an eternal optimist and have thought every marriage was going to work. But this time I know it's going to last. No more weddings, this time it has to last forever."

Well okay. But if not, 10 has a good ring to it. 


--2 For Couples Editor-in-Chief, Neil Morton (follow him on Twitter @neilmorton)

Posted by Neil Morton

2011-06-02, 11:59:31