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A Unique Guest Book Alternative

I am over the moon for Bella Puzzle's custom-made wooden puzzles! Aside from being a fun new way guests can contribute to your guest book, you can actually show off the result in your home post wedding.    

Personalize with cutouts of your names or initials, a puzzle that pieces together a fave image of the two of you, or opt for a traditional shape, such as a tree, heart, leaf, animal or shape of your state.

Ranging in price from $40-$525, the number of guests you're having will immediately determine the size/number of puzzle pieces you'll need. Bella Puzzle recommends getting enough pieces to cover 70% of your guest list. So if you're having 100 people at your wedding, a 70-piece puzzle should do. Or, you could get more than one puzzle and play around with different options, since they seem to be endless.

The order-to-delivery time is a teensy bit long (16 weeks), so it's a great idea to start thinking about it as soon as possible. 

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Posted by Milena Canizares

2011-06-07, 10:45:23