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Budgeting Bridesmaids You won't break the bank with these expert savings tips

It's an honor to stand up in a friend's wedding, but being a bridesmaid can often set you back a whopping $1,500. We asked our friends at Consolidated Credit to give us a hand. Here's a list of the top ways we can save a buck or two, while still being in the bridal party.

1. First off, evaluate your relationship with the bride-to-be. If she's a close girlfriend or family member, a definite yes! A co-worker? Not so much.
2. Be upfront about what you can afford. If you're on a budget, let her know.
3. Start saving ASAP!
4. Try to wear shoes you already own. Brides usually want their wedding parties in neutral-colored shoes, silver, gold or nude. You gotta have a pair in that bursting closet of yours!
5. Opt for chic accessories that you can wear time and time again, such as pearl earrings, a pale pashmina and  
6. Practice doing your own nails and toes, so you can forgo a mani/pedi from the pros.
7. Group discounts for hair and makeup are the way to go, and if the bride's organizing, be sure to get on board.
8. Go halves on bridal shower and bachelorette gifts—you'll be able to give a way better gift by splitting the cost.
9. Carpool everywhere, including dress fittings, bach parties, showers and all things wedding related. Your gas tank will thank you.
10. After the big day, try and sell your dress to a second hand store.

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