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7 Non-Trashy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Skip the stripper and penis straws. We've got 7 fun & flirty bachelorette party ideas!

1. Lingerie Party: Shower the guest of honor with sexy lingerie that she can debut on her honeymoon. From romantic negligees to naughty knickers, the bride-to-be (and her man!) will love this party plan.

2. Burlesque Lessons: Channel your inner Dita Von Teese and learn how to wow your mate in the boudoir. With this activity, the bride-to-be doesn't get to hog all the fun!

3. Spa Day: There's nothing like a day of pampering to prepare a stressed-out bride-to-be for a night of partying! Help her relax with a day of soothing treatments at her favorite spa.

4. Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt that takes the bride-to-be from the place where she and her fiance had their first date to other significant landmarks in her life. Make a list of kooky tasks she needs to complete throughout the hunt.

5. Wine-Tasting Tour: Take a road trip to the closest wine region. Rent bikes and plan a cycling tour of a few vineyards for wine-tastings. Just remember that you have to make it back to the hotel, so don't get carried away with the tastings.

6. Private Dining: Reserve a restaurant's private dining room for VIP treatment. Bonus: The bachelorette party can get rowdy without disturbing other diners!

7. Karaoke: Whether you rent a private room, or belt it out on stage at a bar, karaoke promises a night of ear-piercing hilarity. Recommended song for the bachelorette: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

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