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It's not just sleep, it's Beautyrest

B&W shot of bedroom with bare mattress, chair

You know you want it. A luxurious, fabulously comfortable mattress. And why not? After all, you spend a third of your time in bed -- even more, if you're lucky! -- and you need your Beautyrest®.

Yes, we mean Beautyrest® -- the deservedly famous line of mattresses by Simmons.® It's like nothing you've ever slept on.

So what's the difference? A mattress is a mattress is a mattress, right? Wrong. 

For one thing, in a Simmons Beautyrest® mattress (which will never need to be turned over, by the way), each spring has its own little fabric sleeve (or pocket), which means it can react individually, conforming to your body without transferring motion -- in other words, you can roll over without disturbing your sleeping partner. Simmons came up with this design innovation decades ago and have steadily improved on it. Hence the fancy term: Patented Evolution Non-Flip Pocketed Coils.® (Click here for video.)

cover of Simmons Couples GuideThere are many other innovations and choices to be found in the Beautyrest® collection -- like the Advanced NXG™ Memory Foam. If that sounds like gobble-de-gook to you, fear not: all is explained on the website, beautyrest.ca. There are comparison charts and videos and even a Recommendation Tool™ that will steer you in the right direction given your preferences (hard versus soft, price range and so on). And be sure to check out The Couple's Guide to Mattress Buying, packed with useful information; you can view it online, or print the PDF and read it -- where else? -- in bed. 

Of course, while all that research is certainly useful and informative, ultimately you must go to the store and try a bunch of mattresses. Be sure to set aside a good chunk of time for this expedition, because lying down for a minute or two doesn't cut it. As they say at Simmons, the best way to choose a mattress is to give it a 15-minute Test-Rest. Lie down together. Try different positions (sleeping positions, that is!). Take turns rolling over and check for motion transfer. Then choose a mattress you both love -- the best you can afford, because deep, refreshing sleep is truly a worthwhile investment.

If there's a wedding in your future, you can put a Simmons® mattress set on your gift registry at The Bay -- a wonderful idea for a gift the gang can all chip in for. And there are great financing options available if you end up purchasing it yourselves.

Remember, love's a little easier in a comfortable bed. The only problem might be getting up in the morning -- not because you didn't sleep well, but because you're so totally comfy!

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-12-13, 09:00:00

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