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How Do You Pull Down What's On Top While Whipping Up What's Below?

Breville blender with kiwi and ice cubes in itThat's a question posed by the Australian company Breville, makers of fine kitchen countertop appliances (available here in Canada at The Bay). Turns out it's not referring to Canadians and Australians (that's what you were thinking, right?), but to the new, super-efficient blade technology in their "the Hemisphere™ Control" blender. Unlike many others, it doesn't leave untouched chunks bobbing around on the surface while liquefying the stuff at the bottom; it churns everything around for even, thorough blending.

Highly recommended by Cooks Illustrated, this is one smooth operator. It's powerful, efficient, quiet, good-looking, and built to last (kind of like certain Aussies we can think of). Check out the deets here.

This is just one of the latest offerings in a long line of high-quality appliances that Breville has brought us from the land down under, including coffee makers, espresso machines, juicers, and many more. You can go to The Bay to add some to your registry. Now, there's something to barrack for!*

*In Australia, this means "to hoot or cheer in support of something."

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-11-08, 09:00:00

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