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Raise A Glass To The Groom

Villeroy & Boch carafe and tumbler filled with whisky

    I enjoy sipping a nice single malt occasionally, but judging by my own observations (however unscientific they may be), most keen whisky* drinkers are men.

It may also be observed that when it comes to registering for wedding gifts, the women, generally speaking, take the lead.

Here's a way to forge a meeting of the minds: register at The Bay for a selection of items from Villeroy & Boch's Scotch Whisky and American Bar collections. These carafes and glasses combine quality with special shaping that takes into account both the unique character of different whiskies and the rituals for enjoying them. For example: the Single Malt Islands Scotch whisky Tumbler has a wide belly to allow the strong bouquet to be released, while the narrow opening concentrates the aroma around your nose.

two tall skinny tumblers of whiskyMade of fine, hand-blown crystal, these striking glasses, sold in sets of two, are pleasant to hold as well as to look at. Even if you don't both drink whisky, they are so irresistible that you'll soon be finding other uses for them.

Grab your whisky-loving groom (or bride!) and head over to the Bay to add the perfect glasses and carafe for his (or her!) favorites to your registry. And by the way, they'd make great gifts for your groomsmen, too!

P.S. Speaking of a meeting of minds: dinnerware maven Isabella Von Boch (yes, as in Villeroy & Boch) chatted with leading whisky experts about the wonderful world of whisky for her blog. Have a look; maybe you'll find a kindred "spirit" (wink!).

* or whiskey, or Scotch

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-12-01, 09:00:00

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