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A Coffee Lover's Prince Charming

Three YouBrew coffeemakers in a row

    Finally. This is the one I've been waiting for.

Oh, there have been a few along the way. There was the plain old drip -- with that one it was soon stale or lukewarm, or both. Then there was the tall, dark and handsome one that promised to keep it fresh and hot, but didn't really. Finally I resorted to the one-cup-pour-over, but that's pretty tedious when you've got company.

Not to mention that pre-ground coffee is not all that fresh-tasting, and it's challenging to get the proportions just right. And grinding the beans myself was just plain messy.

I wanted a coffeemaker that would make me just one cup when I wanted it, or a whole pot for when I had guests -- and if it would measure and freshly grind the beans and heat the water properly and be ready for me in the morning too, so much the better.

My wish has been granted with the YouBrew™ by Breville. I just fill up the water reservoir and the bean hopper, and it does the rest. I can brew just the right amount for my favorite mug (or travel mug), customizing the settings with easy-to-use controls that allow me to choose my own roast strength AND flavor so it's just the way I like it. When numerous cups are required, I can brew a pot in the carafe. The YouBrew™ is programmable and automatic, so I can wake up to the aroma of a freshly brewed cup.

All that, and it's well-built and good-looking to boot. What more could a coffee lover want?

I think I will settle down with this one.

Register for the YouBrew™ at The Bay. It's available with a thermal carafe, or, exclusively at The Bay, a glass carafe.

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-12-05, 09:00:00

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