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Row of knives in different flatware patterns     Here's the thing about flatware: you can't judge it just by looking at it. You have to pick it up, feel it in your hands, hold the pieces as you would when eating. Trust me, you can tell good quality from bad with your eyes closed. So before you settle for a box set from the discount store, head to The Bay to "test drive" the gorgeous selection of flatware patterns by Mikasa.

Closeup of Calista plates with strawberry and flatwareWhile it should feel good, flatware should also look beautiful and coordinate with your dinnerware. Many of Mikasa's patterns are designed especially to coordinate with specific Mikasa dinnerware patterns (such as Love Story, Parchment or Calista). This makes it easy to pull together a coordinated look, but these will happily mesh with other dinnerware patterns too if the decorative motifs and style are complementary. Alternatively, fancy flatware, such as *Chelsea or *Platinum Links, can bring a nice element of detail to a table set with a minimalist dinnerware pattern; conversely, a sleek, unfussy flatware pattern, such as *Kya or *Stanton, can be the perfect foil to elaborately detailed dinnerware.

All Mikasa flatware patterns are fashioned in high-quality, low-maintenance, dishwasher-safe stainless steel. Once you have made your choice—and it has passed the feel test!—register at The Bay for a dozen place settings so you'll always be prepared for special gatherings.

*Shown at top, some of the Mikasa flatware patterns available at The Bay: Italian Countryside, Platinum Links Frost, French Countryside, Celestial, Chelsea, Stanton, Love Story, Parchment, and Kya. Above left, Calista flatware picks up the Greek motif of the Calista dinnerware pattern.

Posted by Karen Hall
2012-12-22, 09:00:00

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