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Weddings Round-Up 2012: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

This year's wedding stories featured everything from the awe-inspiring, to the bizarre, to the downright unfashionable! 

The Good!

This man discovered the formula for a perfect marriage proposal last summer. His incredible live dub proposal will make you simultaneously laugh, cry and cruse your boyfriend's lack of EDAs, a.k.a. Epic Displays of Affection.

This crafty sister-of-the-bride (who demonstrates a keen sense of humor) Photoshopped their hospitalized father into the wedding photos, while this imaginative bride created a life-size cut-out of her brother, who was serving in Afghanistan during her wedding, and took photos of him cutting a rug on the dance floor and taking advantage of the open bar. 

Many couples were added a charitable slant to their nuptials in 2012. This woman recycled her way to an almost-free wedding, while this couple is saying I do in every country they visit, while raising funds and awareness for UNICEF. This selfless couple asked guests to donate toys to a local charity in lieu of wedding gifts, while this philanthropic man donated the meals from his son's canceled wedding to a homeless shelter. 

In other uplifting 2012 wedding news, this bride got married on her 100th birthday, while this adorable couple finally got a wedding portrait 88 years after getting hitched, and these lovebirds celebrated 70 happy, bickering-free years of marriage

Now that we're all feeling warm and fuzzy, let's discuss... 

The Bad!

It's time for a vote. Who do you think is most deserving of the "Most Awful Groom Ever" Award: The psycho Brit who torched his reception venue on the night of his wedding, or the lead-footed Chilean spent his wedding night in jail after getting arrested for reckless driving on his way to the altar?

These clueless fellows probably didn't make it to the altar, either, with these awesomely terrible marriage proposals, and we're pretty certain this girl didn't foresee a mob of angry protestors crashing her wedding

Another couple that didn't make it to the altar: the scheming couple who plotted a fake kidnapping to pay for their wedding.

If you and your sweetie are blessed enough to go through with your vow exchange (and we hope that you are!), please, for the love of god, do not engage in this crazy trend the next morning. It's weird and you will only realize this once it's too late.

Moving right along to our favorite category...

The Ugly!

From hilariously awkward engagement photos to tacky Trash the Dress shoots, we've covered a lot of "ugly" wedding related stories. Throw in some epic cake wrecks, drunken karaoke performances and side-splitting wedding party fails and it's hard to argue that weddings aren't always about the pretty. 

And we think we found the perfect wedding dress for all those cougars who are tying the knot -- a scandalous g-string bridal "gown"!

Posted by Kate Drummond
2012-12-14, 14:05:43

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