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6 Adorable Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Caring about the environment isn't just for Birkenstock-sporting, tree-hugging granola types. We should all consider the impact that our actions have on the planet, and there's no exception when it comes to wedding planning.

Whether you're embracing an eco theme in your decor, or just want to have an earth-friendly celebration, we've got you covered with fun green-spiration! 

1. Invitations: Bloomin Weddings makes beautiful, recycled invitations that are perfect for couples who want to incorporate sustainable elements into their day without going overboard with the enviro vibe.














2. Transportation:
Decrease your carbon footprint by leaving the limo in the lot, and using a tandem bike as your wedding day wheels. What's cuter than newlyweds on a bicycle built for two?!

















3. Bouquet: Collect antique brooches from relatives, or thrift stores to create an elegant alternative to a floral bouquet. This type of bouquet also covers your "something old" and "something borrowed."









4. Favors: There are countless eco-friendly favor ideas: any sort of homemade preserves in a mason jar, saplings wrapped in burlap, or lovely sacs of lavender seeds.  















5. Usher Cards:
Ask friends and family to save corks from wine bottles and recycle them as place card holders. Use 100% recycled paper for the usher cards and you've got yourself an adorable, handmade, eco-friendly detail. 









6. Decor: Printing menus for each place setting is wasteful -- and expensive. Writing the evening's menu on a chalkboard is a cute way to let guests know what they can expect come dinnertime.  

















Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-01-11, 11:24:44

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