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Wedding Blog Rejects Ad Featuring Same-Sex Couple

In her 10 years of shooting weddings, photographer Anne Almasy had never experienced controversy with any of her photographs.

That changed when she decided to purchase a half-page print ad in Weddings Unveiled magazine.

Her ad featured a wedding photo from a same-sex wedding, which she chose over a white-clad bride and tuxedoed groom so it could say something about her heart and passion for photographing "these momentous (and often wonderfully ridiculous) celebrations."

Editors at WU responded in a way that offended and horrified Almasy by replying, "We just don't feel comfortable publishing an ad featuring a same-sex couple. These aren't our personal beliefs, of course, but, you know…"

In retaliation, Almasy wrote a letter to WU that got published where she expressed her dismay and defended her advertisement. She wrote, "I photograph PEOPLE on their wedding day…My heart breaks because you could not see that this couple's wedding portrait is every bit as beautiful and valuable as any other couple's.

That was when Almasy earned the sweet reward she deserved: Weddings Unveiled publishers Terry Ireland and Brooke Thomas posted an apology on the magazine's blog and offered to run her ad.

The photographer accepted their offer and expressed her gratitude at the magazine's change of heart.

Almasy considered it admirable that the magazine made a formal apology and tried to better the situation. While it could be read that they were attempting to keep their reputation untarnished, other businesses may have ignored Almasy's confrontation.

According to Almasy, the ad was for people "who love love." Now the readers of Weddings Unveiled will be able to see her ad, and appreciate the creator's drive for success.


Posted by Aimee O'Connor
2013-02-19, 14:27:56

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