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Quite Possibly The Most Awesome Engagement Pic Ever

Like many couples, Reddit user hayfab and her fiance thought it would be cute to include their pooch in their engagement photos. But, as evidenced in a pic that hayfab posted on Reddit, the results of the photo shoot with their adorable border collie weren't exactly what they imagined. 

"I thought she was going to sit with the sign around her neck in the front and we'd be blurred in the background," hayfab wrote in the Reddit post. "It worked in practice at home, but when we got to the park, all she wanted to do was play and get pets from the photographer...It's very much her personality."

Guests who receive a Save the Date with this photo are sure to keep it on the refrigerator door long after the couple's wedding date! [HUFFINGTONPOST]

Posted by Kate Drummond
2013-06-28, 15:55:27

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