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Buyer's Remorse, The Wedding Gown Edition

CNN recently published an article in which brides revealed their biggest spending regrets when it came to their weddings. Listed among their top regrets was an item that dominates girls’ Pinterest wedding boards across the country: the wedding dress.

This revelation surprised me, and the article got me thinking, “How could a bride possibly regret buying her wedding dress?” Isn’t it the single most important element of every little girl’s Cinderella fantasy?!

Perhaps not every little girl’s. I recently spoke with a groom prior to his small farm wedding in upstate New York. I asked him about the venue, the guests, and of course, his fiancee, Connie’s, wedding dress.

He told me that Connie had shopped at the local mall and bought a simple, white sundress. He explained how the two of them were trying to cut corners on wedding costs, since they were paying for the celebration themselves. They were hoping to have some money left over to start their own farm after the wedding.

Connie didn’t care what she would be wearing at the wedding, he said, adding that the focus of the day was going to be about the two of them starting their lives together.

His answer resonated with me; I think I might one day feel the same way. You can bet Connie didn’t wake up with a bad case of buyer’s remorse the day after her wedding.

While I had bridal gowns on the mind, I asked Jaime Maddalena of Joseph + Jaime Photography what kinds of photos brides commonly ask to have taken of their wedding dresses. She said that many brides love shots of the back of their dress.

When I picture the photo described by Jaime, I imagine a bride walking confidently down the aisle towards her future, her wedding gown (regardless of its cost) a reflection of her personality and dreams–not of the price tag attached to the garment.

Aimee O’Connor is currently a handling editor and fact checker for a Toronto-based magazine and hopes to continue to write for lifestyle magazines. Her blog, On Tourism, focuses on funny observations witnessed while working in the tourism industry and traveling around the world.

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