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Wedding Planning TipsFeeling frazzled by your pre-wedding to-do list? Wedding planner extraordinaire and Wedding SOS host Jane Dayus-Hinch offers a crash course in wedding planning for dummies.

Wedding planning illustration.

• “Planning a wedding is a roller-coaster. Some people ride it well; others say, ‘Can I get off please?’ Because it’s all-consuming. And you’re trying to live life at the same time. Pace yourselves.” Dayus-Hinch’s wedding planner board and wall chart, which she uses on Wedding SOS, is there to help, now available for sale on her website: janedayus-hinch.com.

Follow up with vendors well ahead of the wedding, and periodically after that. Make sure the caterer isn't double-booked or the DJ hasn't gone out of business.

Have a plan B for everything, advises Dayus-Hinch. Get your flowers (for the reception, bouquets and church) from different florists; have a guest on hand with a high-quality camera. You don’t want your wedding album to be filled with hazy pictures snapped by your cell phone.

Establish a vision for your wedding—this will help you communicate with your wedding planner (and spouse-to-be!) what your likes and dislikes are.

Set up a realistic budget and stick to it. Starting married life in debt is not fun.