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Ask the Caterer...

Q: Do you have references?

Q: Can we alter the menu and ask for speciality dishes?

Q: Are we able to offer guests multiple choices? What about specialty dishes for those with dietary restrictions?

Q: Do we need to rent anything, such as extra chairs and cooking or serving equipment?

Q: Any suggestions for saving money? (For example, skipping an appetizer course if you're already doing passed hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour.)

Q: What exactly will we be charged with? Can you please supply an itemized list, including things like how bar drinks will be tallied and charges for cutting the cake for guests?

Q: Who will require tips? When is it appropriate to do so and how much is the customary amount?

Q: Are there any restrictions on music suppliers or decor?

Q: When will you need us to confirm the final number of guests?