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Destination Wedding Do's (and Don'ts)

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More and more couples are choosing destination weddings. Rebecca Grinnals, founder and president of Engaging Concepts, a leading wedding industry consulting firm, shares her secrets to nuptials near and far.

DO start by establishing your couple style. Are you outdoorsy or urban; traditional or trendy; hippie or haute couture? This should dictate everything from your choice of location and venue to your menu.

DO make a list of words or phrases that describe the feelings you want your wedding to evoke--perhaps relaxed, great wine and eclectic music. Don't get weighed down by the many, many choices out there: Refer back to the list when you feel overwhelmed with options.

DO choose a location and venue that has personal meaning for you and your mate. And dream big: The sky is literally the limit, from rustic barns to mountain-climbing weddings! Looking for a trendy place? The latest hot spots for destination weddings include: the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands, Las Vegas, Napa, Florida and mountainous regions around the globe.

DON'T do it yourself. Enlist the services of location-based wedding planners. They have the local knowledge and connections to plan and execute your faraway fete.

DON'T get caught with your legal pants down! Get up to speed with the marriage license requirements if you're getting hitched abroad. Look into this at least 6 months before your wedding to ensure you satisfy all legal parameters.

DON'T forget to consider guests' budgets. Research and suggest a range of accommodations. Condos or villas are great options for groups of friends and families.