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Intensive moisturizing sleeping mask makes skin clear,glowing,and revitalized in the morning,as if skin had a restful sleep,with the Sleep Tox fundtion of Laneige sleeping Mask.​
As Laneige’s unique technology,the Moisture-Wrap technology increases skin’s own absorption and sustaining capabilities while you sleep with its effective ingredients of hydro ion mineral water contained in the biopolymer mineral network,evening primrose extract,and apricot extract.
The water Sleeping Mask is exclusive for overnight skincare to optimize the condition of skin the following morning,as if skin had a good night sleep.
Skin loses a lot of moisture overnight if no skincare product is applied to it at night.The Sleeping Mask is a moisturizing Sleeping Mask that charges skin with the Moisture needed overnight.
The anti-oxidant function of apricot extract porvides a brightening effect and makes skin look clear and bright by removing the free radicals that give stress to skin.
The Various effective Sleeping Care ingredients absorbed into skin overnight help skin absorb makeup the following morning.
The light gel-type Mask helps skin have a good rest and provides a refreshing,moisturizing feel to skin without leaving any sticky residue.
Every night before going to bed,apply lightly on skin and leave it on overnight without washing it off. You can experience softer skin texture after washing your face the following morning.
Natural flavors are extracted from natural resources and it occurs color Variation from its origin and harvesting time. Colors may be different, however,flavor and function are same.

Cara Pemakaian Product :

Setelah mencuci muka di malam hari, oleskan toner dan emulsi tepat sebelum tidur.
Berikan jumlah yang sesuai (diameter 2,5cm) dan oleskan pada ujung hidung, pipi, dahi, dan dagu pada titik-titik; hirup aromanya selama 3 detik.
Oleskan dengan lembut di sepanjang tekstur wajah Anda menggunakan sapuan ke arah luar.
Setelah produk meresap ke dalam kulit, biarkan semalaman tanpa membasuh wajah. (Cuci wajah keesokan paginya.)

Tips :

Gunakan 2-3 kali perMinggu
Aplikasikan dengan lebih banyak dari di anjurkan jika kulit kalian terasa kering
Aplikasikan juga di bagian leher kalian

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